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These are the vendors and other consultants that I work with and can ensure that you will have a positve experience working with every one of them. I have worked closely with each of them for years. More will be added soon.

Bob Cornacchioli, CEO
DERO Technical Services


We Listen! We Collaborate! We Deliver!
Power Student Information Systems & Joint Solutions (PSISJS) is a full-service Information Technology firm. Our mission is to provide complete PowerSchool® solutions to School Districts of every size. We educate our clients in the use of a number of tools and resources designed to simplify their jobs and optimize their output. Services include State Reporting Validation, Data Validation, Hosting, Training, Customizations, Helpdesk Solutions, Implementation and Apps
Bill Isard, CEO

Aurora Educational Technology has helped hundreds of PowerSchool educational institutions make the most of their student data.  Through free plugins, add-ons available for purchase, and individualized customization work, AET has tweaked, enhanced, and improved most areas of the PowerSchool portal.  Principal Developer Adam Larsen is an internationally-known PowerSchool administrator, speaker, developer, analyst, and trainer.  He is frequently seen presenting at user groups across the United States, including state meetings in Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, New Jersey, Kansas, Wisconsin, and Nebraska, regional and national events, and even PSUG Europe and the Middle East.  He is also a regular contributor to the e-mail lists and forums that support the user community.

Adam Larsen, Principal Developer
Aurora Educational Technology LLC
Website: http://www.auroraedtech.com

The goal and mission of AccelaSchool is to accelerate school improvement by implementing our electronic form platform designed to help schools collect and analyze data more efficiently. From student enrollment to personalized learning plans, the possibilities are endless. With a presence in more than 35 states, we utilize proven techniques and our scalable Ecollect platform to transform schools. AccelaSchool has developed a digitization strategy that considers not just the conversion of information from paper to electronic format, but also helps identify opportunities to eliminate paper as the vehicle for providing information at the source of origination. By tightly integrating each product with the Student Information System – the hub of student data within an institution – AccelaSchool takes advantage of a known and proven system as well as integrates structured data with unstructured data, providing the institution with a 360-degree view of its records.
Kaelon Egan, Founder and CEO


School District Administrators are often frustrated because the process of enrolling students takes too long and the data can be filled with errors. The longer it takes for a student to enroll in all of the district and classroom applications, the longer it isbefore the student begins learning.
Because each district is dependent on the accuracy of student data for funding, state and federal reporting, and parental communication, many non-instructional hours are spent cleansing the data for accuracy. Students regularly enter (or leave) the district corrupting the data causing the enrollment cycle to begin again. Sound familiar? We can help!
Matt Betts, CEO


VisualPST object report editor for PowerSchool
School Pricing : $395 / year - total cost for one, or as many computers or users in your school / school district. Price includes use on all platforms supported and all updates and upgrades during that year (365 days).
Renewal of the license is required each year to continue using the program.
Paul and Mark Messisas, CEO


Agile Consulting Services, LLC (ACS) is a full service Student Information System consulting firm helping clients achieve their goals through business process and technology-driven improvements. We provide strategy, application development, among other professional services to the K-12 market.Their team specializes in the PowerSchool® student information system, where we have over 35 years of combined administration and development experience. (administrative services - consulting and customizations)


SIS Resources has been online since 2007 and provides content for users of the PowerSchool School Information System (SIS) program.  It was one of the first web sites to have custom reports and pages for PowerSchool users to download, plus provide information on customizing PowerSchool and using SQL in PowerSchool.  It's currently the home to the latest version of the popular customization sqlReports, along with the largest collection of reports on the web for sqlReports.
Matt Freund- CEO


At Computer Logic Group we’re able to offer you complete safety and security! CLG has been designated a Certified Business Provider by Pearson
Please contanct Nancy for more information or if you have any questions on the services CLG can provide for PowerSchool! They specialize in hosting, implementation, customizations and training. Nancy and her team are a very talented group.
Nancy O’Donnell - Director Student Management System Support

Nick Tech

Edu-Techies will love this site by Nick Peronti- a pet project a network admin for a school district outside of suburbs of Chicago. He enjoys sharing and I have used many of his free customizations.
Nick Peronti - Web Author of http://www.nicktech.org/


TRC Educational Services

Provides an additional resource for helpdesk, report creations for report cards and transcripts, historical grade audit, end of term, end of year and creating schedules for back to school support. TRC, also provides onsite and remote training covering many different topics from PowerSchool 101, Importing and Exporting, Running different reports, PowerTeacher Gradebook and How to export and use MS Excel when working with your data. TRC has presented at several PSUG conferences across the US and will help with any customization that you may need to be created.


This page will list many customizations for districts to use. If you have any problems with any of these functions please feel free to e-mail info@powerdatasolutions.org and someone will get back to you as quickly as possible. Log onto our site... www.powerdatasolutions.org and register (free) and explore many customizations made by our contributing contractors.
Jason Treadwell CEO