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First and foremost, you must understand that PowerSchool provides no canned standards-based report card at this time. Certainly the national and state user groups may be able to provide you with examples like I have below, but all of these would require customization by you.

Feel free to view the PPT presentation below and if your district is in design mode - I would strongly recommend that you create a summative report card that focuses on the major standards*, displays all terms/quarters and also displays all comments. * Report cards have become curriculum guides overnight and none of the standard-based authors have ever suggested that your standards report card be a booklet.

Check with your Department of Education (DOE), although there are numerous standards, they too may not be suggesting that your report card include every state standard. If your district would like to have your standards shortened, I offer that service which reviews verb tense and retains the spirit and intent of the original standard while decrease the character count so it doesn't get truncated.

I have recently added some sample object report (.pst) files to help those who attend my trainings and others who have not! Enjoy! Thanks for visiting the site. Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.

Bob Cornacchioli, CEO
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3.1 will be released in late July or early August


Design Consideration Checklist

PSUG 19 - Design Considerations for Printable Standard Based Report Cards

QuickTips for ParkBench Visual PST HOW TO MOVIES

Putting a teachers name on an object report


new Inserting boxes over standards not assessed in a given term

new Creative way of using headers in Visual PST 3.0.X

new Manage PowerSchool Data w/Visual PST - Multi-server feature

EXIF Data Issues on Images

new The BEST 20 mins on the new Standard Tool new
PowerSchool Insider - Episode 7 by Jason Springel - first 20 mins
(please note - you must have a PowerSources acct to access this video)

Visual PST Demo and Standards Object Tool
(Made with PPT 15.3 - some animations my not work in older versons)

Sample Report Card- Download and Modify

Shading Issues Upon Downloading

Math Standards often mention the use of symbols such as +, =, -, < and >
Object Reports do not like the last two symbols, so:
to get a < to display use &lt;
to get a > to display use &gt;

Helpful Grid Ideas for Work Habits MS and Letter Recognitiion in K

Ideas for Teachers Writing Comments


Oracle handles page numbers as text fields and has trouble sequencing object reports greater than 9 pages. A sequence error will occur on your print outs... page 10 will be printed as the 2nd page - page 11 as the 3rd page. Work-Around is to re-order your pages in the file. In my 12 page example whihc prints as 1, 10, 11, 12, 2-9. I had place ELA as the 10th page as client wanted it printed second. Math became the 11th page and so on. Email me if you have any questions

Of course if your report ( standard-based report cards is less than 10 pages, you have nothing to worry about!

PDF Sample Standard Based Report Cards

2 Page
2 Columns
3 Pages
2 Columns
Single Page

Middle School
2 Columns
Multi Subject Effort

with curriculum textboxes

Single Page
3 Columns
Single Column

2 Columns

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