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Great Falls Public Schools decided to make the move to standards-based grading in the fall of 2019. We knew one of our biggest challenges would be the behind-the-scenes programming necessary within our student information system, PowerSchool. We made the decision to contract with DERO Technical Services (Bob Cornacchioli) to do this work. Not only does Bob understand the technical components required in PowerSchool, but he also helped us to understand the process of moving toward standards-based reporting. He has a wealth of experience working with other districts. Bob is extremely responsive and easy to work with. We are so grateful for him and would highly recommend him to anyone needing support with any aspect of PowerSchool. His expertise is worth every penny spent. 

Ruth Uecker, Assistant Superintendent K-6, Great Falls Public Schools
Marni Napierala, Teacher on Special Assignment, Great Falls Public Schools


I met Bob six years ago when we contracted with him to help us develop standards-based reports cards in PowerSchool. My experience working with him has been amazing. He is patient and takes the time to help me learn so that I can in turn support our team and the implementation. Bob is easily accessible when we have questions or need assistance troubleshooting our reports. His work ethic and response time are unmatched by anyone I have ever worked with. He is efficient and provides timely, quality feedback. I give Bob my highest recommendation. Our district will continue to use his services in the future. 

Mrs. Nicole LeCave, Deputy Superintendent
Dawson County School District, Dawson, GA

Testimony from 
Dr. Hillary D.S. Boutwell, Director of Accountability and Information Systems
Craven County Schools

I wholeheartedly endorse Mr. Bob Cornacchioli as the perfect person to assist with the development of standards-based report cards, primarily due to his extensive knowledge and expertise with PowerSchool. He possesses an in-depth understanding of PowerSchool's capabilities and functionalities, enabling him to create comprehensive and user-friendly report cards that align seamlessly with educational standards. His skill in data analysis within PowerSchool ensures that the report cards are accurate, data-driven, and provide valuable insights for educators, students, and parents.

Beyond his expertise with PowerSchool, Mr. Cornacchioli's quick responsiveness to inquiries and concerns showcases his dedication to providing excellent support and service. His promptness in addressing questions and technical issues related to PowerSchool fosters trust and reliability among colleagues and stakeholders, ensuring a smooth and efficient development process for standards-based report cards.

Moreover, Mr. Cornacchioli's kind and approachable demeanor creates a positive work relationship, encouraging open and constructive discussions during the report card development process. He listens attentively to different perspectives, treats others with respect, and cultivates a culture of teamwork and collaboration among educators and stakeholders. This fosters a sense of unity and enables the team to work cohesively towards creating report cards that empower and inspire students on their educational journey.

It is crucial to highlight Mr. Cornacchioli's remarkable efforts in creating standards-based report cards for exceptional children on the adaptive curriculum. His dedication to inclusivity and personalized learning shines through in his work, ensuring that every student's unique abilities and progress are accurately reflected in the report cards. Mr. Cornacchioli's commitment to helping Craven County Schools develop a fair and equitable assessment system has positively impacted the educational journey of exceptional children, fostering a supportive and nurturing environment for their growth and success.

In short, Mr. Bob Cornacchioli's exceptional knowledge of PowerSchool, combined with his quick responsiveness and kind demeanor, makes him the ideal candidate for your educational vision! His proficiency in leveraging capabilities, coupled with his dedication to providing excellent support, ensures the success of the project and results that meet the highest educational standards while enhancing the overall educational experience for all stakeholders involved.

Testimony from 
Mr. Jason Griffin, Director of Elementary Education and Federal Programs 
Craven County Schools

I am delighted to provide my enthusiastic testimony endorsing Mr. Bob Cornacchioli as the perfect candidate to assist with the development of Standards-based report cards, specifically for kindergarten through 2nd grade with seamless integration into PowerSchool. Mr. Cornacchioli's deep understanding of PowerSchool makes him an invaluable asset in this endeavor.

One of Mr. Cornacchioli's standout qualities is his remarkable efficiency in developing solutions and addressing specific needs. His ability to swiftly design and implement standards-based report cards for young learners showcases his dedication to ensuring that every child's progress is accurately captured and communicated. Moreover, his proficiency in integrating the report card system seamlessly into PowerSchool streamlines the process for educators and administrators, saving valuable time and resources.

Beyond his technical prowess, Mr. Cornacchioli's warm and personable nature fosters an environment of collaboration and rapport with educators. His approachable demeanor allows for open communication and constructive feedback, ensuring that the report card system meets the specific requirements.

In conclusion, his dedication to helping Craven County Schools develop a comprehensive and student-centered reporting system will undoubtedly enhance the educational experience for young learners and empower educators to make data-driven decisions to support their growth and development.

At Pittsgrove Township School District I was tasked with initiating Standards Based Reporting and engaged with Bob on the project. Bob was professional and patient and immediately gave me the  confidence to succeed. Throughout the process Bob was available for every question and concern I had - trust me, there were many! I would often forget things that he already told me but he never seemed to mind explaining things a second, and sometimes third, time. Bob was, and still is, my constant dictionary on all things Standards Based. I could not have implemented SBRCs without his guidance and the use of VPST. Thank you, thank you, thank you!  

Sandy Anderson
Data Admin
PIttsgrove Schools

It is with great pleasure that I write this testimonial for Mr. Bob Cornacchioli and his exceptional enterprise, DERO Technical Services. Having been a part of our institutional machinery for the past four years, Bob has revolutionized the way we conduct our Report Card and Transcript systems at Alma Del Mar Charter School.

As a charter school in New Bedford, Massachusetts, it's our mission to equip each of our yearly 150 eighth-grade graduates with the knowledge, skills, and character traits necessary to succeed in high school, college, and beyond. A vital part of that mission includes providing accurate, clear, and detailed transcripts and report cards that successfully represent our students' academic achievements and growth.

When we transitioned to standards-based reporting, there was initial concern about potential complexities this might introduce to our report card system. However, thanks to Bob's outstanding skills and expertise, the transition was smooth and even resulted in more precise and comprehensive reporting.

Bob's approach is characterized by his dedication to responsive communication, his knack for simplifying complex processes, and his commitment to continual learning. His ability to distill complex elements of technical systems into understandable components for our staff has been instrumental in maintaining efficient operations and ongoing improvement of our processes.

Moreover, Bob's affable demeanor and professional approach towards his work have made him an absolute pleasure to work with. His knowledge and efficiency have not just met but exceeded our expectations time and again. His solutions are consistently innovative and reliably effective, contributing directly to our school's ability to put our students on the path to future success.

In the years that we've worked with Bob, he has become a valued part of our community, and we are truly grateful for his contributions. We can confidently vouch for the quality and value of the work done by Bob Cornacchioli and DERO Technical Services, and it is without reservation that we recommend them to any educational institution seeking to enhance their technical and administrative systems.

Matt Marko - Network Director of Operations
Alexa Teevans - Director of Curriculum & Instruction
Alma del Mar Charter Schools - New Bedford, MA

We switched to PowerSchool for our Student Information System this past year and needed help with creating standards based report cards for our elementary schools.  Bob Cornacchioli came highly recommended, so I sought out his expertise.  He has many years of PowerSchool experience behind him and is a wealth of knowledge  .  He created a great looking report card in what seemed to be no time and trained the staff on how to enter the standards into the system.  After only a one hour zoom meeting, he had the staff feeling very confident in their upcoming grading task!  Our first report card rollout from our new SIS was a huge success thanks to him.  .  
Bob was extremely friendly, knowledgeable and exceptionally efficient.  He went above and beyond to assist me in any way possible. I have no doubts that I will call on Bob again when customized reports are needed.  I would highly recommend him to anyone seeking assistance with there student information system.  He will not disappoint!

Donna Cushman
Data & Network Manager
Wakefield Public Schools

Bob was an outstanding contractor who demonstrated a high level of expertise in implementing a standards-based grading system. His work was of exceptional quality and he was diligent in ensuring that the project was completed on time and within budget. He was always available to answer questions and provide guidance, and he was responsive to any concerns that arose during the project. Overall, I highly recommend Bob for any project related to standards-based grading. His work was of exceptional quality, and he demonstrated a deep commitment to ensuring that the project was completed successfully. His expertise and dedication contributed significantly to the success of this project, and we are grateful for his contributions.”

Ana Dynarski
Data Management Specialist/ SBG Support
Student Data Office
Santa Fe Public Schools

PowerSchool gradebook is a tool that is of little value unless it can be used to help schools fulfill their mission and allow schools to implement effective grading practices. Bob Cornacchioli is one of very few people who really know how to use PowerSchool effectively. He knows the practical implications of the features of the grade book and helps schools to use it effectively. This results in great benefits for teachers and students - and much better communication with parents.

Ken O’Connor
Standards Author and Educational Consultant

Bob is amazing to work with and has been so helpful as we transition to a school wide SIS program.  Prior to this our report cards were ancient and did not provide the necessary information.  We connected with Bob and let him know what we needed.  He listened, provided feedback, and created a product that worked for our program. He then provided us the proper training to continue to utilize the reports on an ongoing basis.  Bob has been easily accessible when we have had questions or needed assistance troubleshooting our reports.  This is a lovely change from our previous experience with other software and SIS companies, as you usually have to put in a ticket and then wait for someone to contact you.  Not Bob though!  He responds quickly and has answers for us in a prompt and professional manner.  I cannot recommend working with Bob enough!  He is knowledgeable, kind, funny, and very helpful.  I cannot recommend working with Bob enough to meet all your customization needs!

Lana Beres, SCEP Consultant
Heartland Area Education Agency
6500 Coorporate Drive
Johnston, IA 50131


As an instructional team, we began discussing moving to a standards based report card and consulted with a neighboring school district that had already embarked on this path.  While meeting with them they continuously referenced a man named “Bob…with a last name you can’t pronounce”.  They said that he would be especially helpful in the initial set-up of the spreadsheets to import into PowerSchool and with the creation of the report card templates. 

Around the same time, we were also working with PSISJS on PowerScheduler training.  During our time with Bill Isard from PSISJS we discussed our desire and need for assistance with the standards based report cards.  He too highly suggested that we use his friend “Bob”.  During the meeting, I remember all of us saying, “This Bob guy is really well known.”  It became very clear that “Bob” was the go to guy for standards based report cards. 

It just so happened that the infamous “Bob” was going to be attending PSUG Southeast in the following weeks and we were going to be there too.  Long story short, we ended up bringing Bob back from PSUG with us to spend some time with us in our school district and begin the process of working on our standards based report cards.  We appreciated from the start that Bob asked hard questions and really pushed our thinking.  He made sure that as an instructional team we didn’t leave any stones unturned.  He had us analyze rubrics to determine what scoring system would work best for us, he urged us to get feedback from teachers, and truly made sure that we were really prepared as a district to move from traditional to standards based grading. 

Four English and four Spanish templates later we successfully rolled out standards based report cards to grades K4-2.  Bob, who we still can’t pronounce the last name of has been extremely valuable to us.  He was there every step of the way to provide support and answer questions.  He was able to help with making sure that the teacher’s gradebooks were set-up correctly and most importantly, focused on building the capacity of our team. 

A year down the road and the state’s standards have changed.  Again, Bob has been there to help us update the standards on the sever, assist with the updates to the templates, and again provided encouragement and support.  Bob constantly says, “I’m here for you!”

Personally, Bob has become a friend probably because I enjoy his fishing stories!  Both he and Bill with PSISJS have been tremendously helpful to me as a new PowerSchool Coordinator.  Their knowledge and expertise is vast and their customer service is second to none!

Casey Jordan Hallman
PowerSchool Coordinator
Lexington County School District Two, South Carolina

Bob was a joy to work with and turned our standards nightmare into a dream come true.  One of the major issues in entering into our county as Superintendent was the lack of professionalism in our attempts to communicate grading with standards to our parents. This was even more complicated by the report cards that were confusing, error-filled, hard to read, and only an attempt at what PowerSchool should give us as a report card. 

After a reference from a neighboring county, Bob assisted our PowerSchool lead and me with resolving our issues.  Our K-2 teachers were cheering about us having well-formatted report cards. These report cards increased their confidence and their feelings of professionalism when they had to explain these to parents. He was very organized and time efficient while helping us to achieve our K-2 report card goals! Thanks Bob! You are amazing! We look forward to continued work with you as we try to expand to other grade levels in our future. Thank you!

O. Yanisha Mann, M.Ed
Washington County Schools
Plymouth, North Carolina

In taking on two projects this year (PowerTeacher Pro Implementation

n and new K-5 standards) we decided to engage a consultant to advise us with regard to setting up standards in PowerSchool along with their associated report cards, and to assist with the training of our PowerTeacher Pro trainers. When choosing the consultant we had specific criteria which included expertise with the product, experience with and institutional knowledege of educational environments, and excellent recommendations. Bob Cornachioli, of DERO Technical Services, met and exceeded our criteria. Bob has helped us immensely with our PowerTeacher Pro training plan and sessions, and has given us excellent guidance with our Standards project. He is a go to guy who is always responsive and ready to help. Thank you Bob for helping us stay on the right track with our PTP Pro and Standards implementation.

Thanks for all of your help.

George Skuse Mary Lemos
Information Technology Manager
Watertown Public Schools
Mary Lemos
Data Manager
Watertown Public Schools

I met Bob at a Virginia PowerSchool User’s Group Meeting. It was a small turn out that year and I was the only one that attended his sessions; that worked out well for me. We were able to discuss the needs for my district in great detail. Those needs included the creation and implementation of K-3 Standard Report Cards. He asked several questions to make sure he understood what we truly wanted. Bob gave wonderful advice and technique during those sessions that I will always remember. 

I took what I learned back with me, from there we contracted him to help. Bob was and still is amazing to work with. He is one of the most knowledgeable people I know and pays incredible attention to detail. He truly is there with you every step of the way. He answers all questions and not only helps you complete your goals but TEACHES you how to do them yourself. I find this phenomenal! I am always wanting to learn and love that about him. 

I just cannot say enough good things about Bob! He is one of the best!

Jessica James
Martinsville City Public Schools
PowerSchool Administrator


I met Bob at a PowerSchool users group conference where I attended all of his workshops. At that time, he said very clearly "Do not try to implement a standards based report card quickly!" I took this recommendation to heart and when it was time to get to work on this huge project I was able to hire Bob as a consultant. Bob's knowledge and work ethic were the key to a successful implementation. Not only did he make sure everything work perfectly he was available when we got into the heart of things.

It was a pleasure to work with Bob. He's fun and serious all at the same time. He kept my project on track and taught me quite a few tricks too. I highly recommend DERO Technical Services for any PowerSchool need.

Michelle Albanese, CCTO
District Technology Coordinator
Nevada City School Distritct

Jane Cline
BOE Clerk | PS Admin
Russell County USD 407
802 N. Main | Russell, KS  67665
When I became PowerSchool administrator, my knowledge of developing object reports was very limited, and I experienced how painstaking the process is to develop or modify an object report within PowerSchool. At my first opportunity, I attended Bob's session at the Kansas PowerSchool User's Group conference and learned about Visual PST. This program takes the guess work out of laying out an object report! Bob is an excellent teacher and he breaks down the lesson so even the novice can follow along and get the most out of the Visual PST program. Bob personally continues to answer emails and provide support long after attending the session to ensure the user is successful.

Bob is very knowledgeable about the workings of PowerSchool, and he understands what it takes to document student performance and get data from the classroom to the people who need the data in a format that is understandable. USD 407 is implementing standards based grade cards and Bob has been my instructor of choice as he is very methodical in the process needed to develop an effective grade card. I am very appreciative that Bob is only an email away!

Each year as I return to the Kansas PowerSchool User's Group Conference, I always seek out Mr. Cornacchioli's sessions so that I can continue to learn from him.  


Bob Cornacchioli is the “go-to” consultant for PowerSchool. As a district, we were looking someone to help build a unique Standards-based report card in PowerSchool and the new PowerTeacherPro platform. Bob was very professional. He asked lots of questions to ensure he was creating something that was appropriate for our students and staff. He responded quickly to requests and concerns. He tested everything out. He walked me through the PTP platform and created a training PowerPoint to use with my teachers. He created a self-sufficient team here in the Casa Grande Elementary School District. Thank you for all the help and support.

Stacy Gray, M.Ed.
District Specialist - Curriculum and Instruction
Casa Grande Elementary School District #4
220 West Kortsen Road, Casa Grande, AZ 85122



Working with Bob Cornacchioli was a top notch experience. He made sure we understand what he was teaching, then for good measure periodically would check back to see if we were doing OK. Questions were answered quickly with meaningful explanations. A really great experience for me/us

Charlie Doud
Student Data Administrator
Washington Township Public Schools
Sewell, NJ


Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! As a 1st year PowerSchool user last Fall, I attended your Standards Workshop where you encouraged us to use VisualPST for creating standards reports which helped me so much. You even indicated that we could choose one of your standards templates as a starting point … which I did. Thanks to you and all the things I learned in your workshop, I have now completed 26 different program standards reports for the Allegan Tech Center. Thank you for taking the time to share these resources with other PowerSchool users like myself. Thanks again for all your resources and help.

Linda Spreitzer
Administrative Associate
Allegan Tech Center
2891 116th Avenue - Allegan MI 49010

Our school district approached Bob with what seemed to be a daunting task with a very tight turnaround time.   Grades 5-8 were moving from a traditional report card to standards based, with sections for comments and an individual student goal.  Grades K-4 already had their report card from the year before with a format established that we wanted to use from Kindergarten through grade 8.  Bob took on the challenge, offering suggestions and communicating in a very timely manner.  He asked for clarifications rather than making assumptions and always sent updates of his work for review.  At all times he was courteous, professional and knowledgeable.  The project came out great, ahead of schedule, and ready to be used at the start of the school year! Thank you for your work on this.  Our teachers are excited about it!

Pamela Stiles 
Superintendent of Schools
SAU 72
Alton, NH



The help we received from Bob was immeasurable! We needed new standards-based report cards quickly. Bob came to our rescue and not only provided us with what we needed in a very quick manner, he also trained us to do the job ourselves! He is very knowledgeable, kind, courteous, and professional. Any questions we had were answered almost immediately. We highly recommend Bob for any of your PowerSchool customization needs.

Wanda C. Whitlow, Data Manager
Bedford County Public Schools
310 S. Bridge St.
Bedford, VA 24523



Bob C. is THE amazing Powerschool guru! Not only is Bob an expert in the workings of Powerschool as an SIS, but he is a ‘Standards Report Card’ expert. He knows both the technical and the educational side of standards based report cards. Bob is a great sounding board and will let you know if you may be heading in the wrong direction. Bob always wants the best for both students and teachers! Bob is readily available by email and is spot on when he gives you a completion date for projects. My staff loves to work with Bob as he is an outstanding teacher along with his contagious sense of humor. We value Bob and his technical advisors and are so glad they are a part our team!

Mariann Engle, Superintendent
Mt. Pleasant School District



When OCEAA made the decision to finally implement standards-based report cards, I already knew who was going to guide us through the process. I’ve met Bob Cornacchioli at a PowerSchool Users Group Conference and I immediately knew he would be the right guy to guide us through the transition from traditional to standards-based report cards.

From the initial report card format suggestions, through the design iteration process, to importing standards, and to the final product, Bob’s implementation methodology was very easy to follow and straightforward, with an amazingly short learning curve. Once we were ready with the format and final design of our standards-based report card, I was able to publish our Transitional Kinder through 5th grade report cards in less than 1 week, in both English and Spanish.

Our administrators and teachers were extremely pleased with the results, and our parents now have a more meaningful report card that clearly provides a better picture on how our students perform academically. Our middle school teachers can’t wait to implement standards-based report cards next year, and thanks to Bob, I already have the tools and know-how to make it an easy transition for us. Hiring Bob as a consultant was one of the best decisions we made going through the report card transition. I highly recommend his expertise.

Francisco Felix, Director of Technology
Orange County Educational Arts Academy
Santa Ana, CA


I first met Bob C when his district hosted the first MA PSUG conference in Shrewsbury, MA several years ago. Since then I have attended several sessions of his at a NJ PSUG conference and then the last two years at the New England PSUG conferences. His sessions have ALWAYS been very informative and VERY useful!

Our district recently purchased Park Benches' Visual PST software, which Bob uses to create many of his report cards, and I had a question about one of the tools. I was under a tight deadline to create new report cards for Grades K-4. I emailed Bob about the tool and he answered my question almost immediately, even though he was on vacation! I was able to get all 5 report cards completed before my deadline, thanks to Bob's help and VPST! I emailed Bob again during the sample/preview phase of the report cards and again he answered almost immediately and was able to help me troubleshoot an issue. Report cards are created and will be emailed home this week! Could not have done it without Bob's assistance.

If you ever have an opportunity to attend a session that Bob is presenting, I urge you to attend. His knowledge about both PowerSchool and standards is amazing. His website is an awesome resource as well. Best of all? He has been in the trenches and loves to assist those of us in need!!! Thank you Bob! You are the best!

Lynne Moulton, Database Administrator
York School Department, 469 US Route One, York, ME 03909



If you are in need of a PowerSchool consultant, look no further! Bob C. at DERO Technical Services has been invaluable to our district’s year long process o revamping our elementary standards based report card. Last fall we made the decision to hire an “expert” to help us, as well as provide training for our in-house staff. Bob’s extensive knowledge of PowerSchool, coupled with a practical approach and his background in education, was exactly what we needed to get the job done. He was very pleasant to work with and his training was superb. Without his thoughtful and diligent assistance, we would not have been able to accomplish our goals.

Kim Florek
Director of Technology
Hampshire Regional School District
19 Stage Rd.
Westhampton, MA. 01027




When our elementary school decided to go to a standards-based report card, Bob worked with us to streamline the process -- the scheduling component, constructing the report itself, configuring the gradebook, all of it. With his help, we were able to go from nothing but a paper list of standards, to "live," in under 8 weeks. The key to working with Bob is that he teaches his customers how to be self-sufficient -- he doesn't just swoop in and do the work for them. And, because he has worked with so many schools over so many years, he has seen what works and what doesn't, so he brings practical advice to the table as well.

Marion Bates, District Technology Supervisor
School Administrative Unit 70
Hanover, NH | Norwich, VT


Working with Bob is an absolute joy. His knowledge of standard based grading, PowerSchool and report cards coupled with his background as an educator and tech director makes a phenomenal mix. Our district was working within a short time frame to turn out standard based grading and I can honestly say, Bob made it happen. Like a good recipe Bob, walked me through each step of this intimidating process. He is masterful, any district that employs his knowledge can be assured it is time and money well spent.
Thank you Bob for your knowledge, clarity and unsurpassed humor!

Angela Ruger
Thornapple Kellogg Schools
Where Kids Come First



Last spring our elementary school contacted Bob Cornacchioli to help create standards-based report cards for all grade levels Kindergarten through Fifth grade. From the very first phone call, I knew our school was in great hands. He helped guide us through the entire process from creating the standards, importing them into PowerSchool, designing the layout, and then training me to finish the report cards. He was always available through emails to answer questions or give advice when asked. Making the transition from a traditional report card to a standards-based report card was so much easier because of Bob Cornacchioli. I highly recommend his services to any school looking to create a standards-based report card.

Deb Kanine – Computer Teacher K-5
Shepherd Elementary – Shepherd, MI


I first met Bob at a PSUG conference in Myrtle Beach, SC in January 2013. I attended two standards-based grading sessions with him. I was so glad I did, because that spring, when the Asst. Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction asked me if I knew anyone who could help facilitate our Standards-based grading project, I had the perfect answer. Bob set us up with our first standards spreadsheet for importing into Powerschool, as well as the template for our report cards. He got us hooked up with ParkBench’s Visual PST, which has turned the Object Report (which I had previously loathed) into something I can now handle. But, the best thing that Bob did was train me (long distance, mind you) using phone conference and computer magic. He did such a good job that I now know what I’m doing well enough that this year I added two grade levels and amended multiple report cards with relative ease. I also want to add that, whenever I do have a question for Bob, he always gets back to me promptly, even if he’s in Timbuktu! Thanks Bob!

Chris Hanak
Data Facilitator
Anderson School District Four, Pendleton, SC

First class service is the best way to describe my past 4 months of training with Bob C. at DERO Technical. I met Bob in Myrtle Beach at the SC PSUG during a standards based grading training. I was a little nervous about standards based grading as well as standards based grading in PowerSchool. After speaking with Bob I knew this would be my best approach to learning everything that I needed to learn about a grading system and program that can be complex. Bob showed extreme patience as well as a vast amount of knowledge that he was more than willing to share. The training has allowed me to move forward with confidence in SBG as well as make executive decisions for schools that are interested in utilizing SBG in PowerSchool. Bob was able to find a way to produce quality training at hours that were well outside of regular school hours in order to accommodate my schedule. I would recommend anyone who is seeking quality knowledge about SBG to get in touch with Bob C., you will not regret it!

Cas Snethen
Training and Communiciations Manager



Rocky View Schools

Rocky View Schools is a district the north, east and west borders of Calgory, Alberta. Our district has over 20,000 students with forty schools. Bob Cornacchioli was referred to us as a consultant who could assist us with the implementation of our new district standards -based report card. Bob has been a fantastic resource, mentor and problem solver from the creation stage to the finished product. Mr. Cornacchioli’s approach is to “teach” you how to do the project as opposed to “do it for you”. This empowers the client to use these new found skills in future projects. Bob is a true professional who is always there when you need him! I look forward to working with Bob on future projects.

Glenn McClure
Director of Student Informational Services
Rocky View Schools, Alberta Canada


Collaborating with DERO Technical Services has been incredibly rewarding. Bob Cornacchioli has an amazing breadth of knowledge regarding the integration of school-related data and education innovation. We were fortunate to work with Mr. Cornacchioli on a new standards-based report card for elementary school students, and I was extremely impressed by how well he translated his incredible understanding of the Common Core State Standards into a user-friendly report card. I cannot say enough about our highly positive experience wiht Mr. Cornacchioli and DERO Technical Services.

Russell Johnston
Superintendent, West Springfield Public Schools



During the 12-13 school year, I was tasked with helping implement standards-based grading and designing standards-based report cards for our lower elementary school. While attending the NJ PowerSchool User Group Conference in Spring of 2013, I decided to take two standards sessions presented by Bob. I hoped these sessions would help give me some guidance for this project. Right from the start of the sessions, Bob’s positive attitude had my attention and he seemed very informative about standards-based grading. I knew he could help our District make this undertaking run smoothly. Bob helped us import standards and create our standards-based report cards easily and efficiently. His communication skills were fantastic. Every time we emailed him about a change to the reports cards or a question he was quick to respond and complete our requests. I also loved that he collaborated with us and trained us along the way so we would be self-sufficient by the end of the project. Now, I am confident if we needed to make a change to a report card I can accomplish it.

Heather Garfield, PowerSchool Administrator
Burlington Township School District, New Jersey

The Groton-Dunstable Regional School District is a very high performing district with a dedicated staff and supportive community. In order to maintain our high expectations, we knew that we had to enhance the technology usage in our district. However, without a technology director, we were not sure where to start. Our Interim Superintendent had worked with Bob Cornacchioli in a previous district and, knowing Bob’s expertise and ability, he knew that we could rely on Bob to get us the quality information that we needed in a timely and cost-effective way. Once Bob accepted the task to conduct a technology audit for our district, he immediately began researching our documents, policies, websites, etc. Due to his behind-the-scenes efforts, Mr. Cornacchioli had a wealth of knowledge about our schools before he stepped foot into our district. After doing his research, he spent two full days in the district observing, interviewing, and asking questions that gave him a more comprehensive understanding of our needs. In a short period of time, Bob produced a reader-friendly report that shared his findings and recommendations. After the district received the report, Bob came to a School Committee meeting to present his findings. His PowerPoint presentation was a fantastic summary of the larger report and, as a result, Bob’s hard work brought the committee, administration, and community together to begin the charge to increase our technology infrastructure and support. He provided the guidance we needed to get this ball rolling in our district. Bob Cornacchioli was extremely communicative, knowledgeable and articulate throughout the entire process!

Kerry Clery
Director of Teaching, Learning and Accountability
Groton-Dunstable Regional School District

School Logo

In August of 2012, I was approached by our curriculum department who expressed their desire to totally revamp our current standards based report cards for the upcoming school year. Knowing that time was of the essence; I was referred to Bob Cornacchioli and DERO Technical Services. After a couple of brief phone conversations, he presented me with rough drafts of our K-5 SBRC’s. Bob provided constant guidance, and was always there no matter what time of day I reached out to him. His expertise within the standards content has been a tremendous asset to the district, and allowed us to roll out the newest version of the report cards in time for the close of marking period 1. If it had not been for Bob, I’m confident that as a district we would never have accomplished this overwhelming task in such a short time period. To this day he is always quick to respond and make himself available for any follow-up questions. I can say without hesitation that I would definitely recommend his services to anyone in the education field.

Susan Calabro -Supervisor Student Data Systems and Enrollment
Middletown Township School District – Middletown, NJ



The Grafton Public Schools has benefited greatly from a partnership with Bob Cornacchioli and DERO Technical Services. Bob was asked to complete a technology assessment of the Grafton Public Schools during the 2011-2012 school year. This assessment was very thorough and was paired with tremendous guidance and leadership from Bob in terms of making next steps in moving from good to great a reality. Bob met with a wide range of staff, district leadership, and the school committee to provide in-depth context to his assessment findings. He was always readily available for questions and advice. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that the vision and improvement plan that Grafton is now on in terms of making technology a foundational tool for the district has been strengthened tremendously through our work with Bob Cornacchioli and DERO Technical Services. I would recommend Bob’s services to any district looking to maximize technology as a tool for improvement.

Dr. Jay Cummings
Superintendent of Schools, Grafton, MA



I was referred to Bob Cornacchioli for his expertise with standards and scheduling and he did not disappoint. He helped create a master schedule on Power School and standards-based report card for grades Kindergarten, 1st, and 2nd. Bob was very efficient and responsive to our school’s needs. Most importantly, he responded to questions and corrected any issues in a timely fashion.

Christian J. Paskalides, Principal
Middle Township Elementary

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Not only did Bob give me a detailed plan of Standards implementation he was also there every step of the way with me. I walked away from this implementation with all the tools and knowhow to work with standards but I also feel confident that I could implement on my own if needed. He is there every time I panic and have to yell for help Thanks Bob

***Thought I would send you an UPDATE*** 3 years later I thought I would let you know I am still using the tool he provided to me to successfully and quickly setup my school for the new year. Thanks again Bob.

David Moon
Technology Director, Sultan School District,
Sultan, WA


AISK highly recommends Bob Cornacchioli's service and expertise. He built a standards-based reporting system under budget and ahead of schedule, even though we were already on a tight timeframe. He presented the ideal mix of suggesting to us the best practices that would make the system work, while being flexible enough to adjust to the unique demands of our situation. Because of his efficiency and attention to detail, he was able to identify other areas in which our PowerSchool implementation needed a little tweaking, and complete these changes to improve our whole system. In short, we not only have the report cards that we wanted, we have a better PowerSchool system overall. Everyone from the secretaries to the teachers to the Head of School says that the IT Department did a great job-- Bob made us look good! We will definitely use his services again, and recommend him enthusiastically.

Jeff Tillinghast
IT Coordinator,
American International School of Kingston


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"I had the pleasure of meeting Bob during one of his sessions at a PowerSchool user group conference. It was clear to me from the beginning that his practical knowledge and experience would be of benefit to my district, as we moved toward implementing standards-based reporting. I was correct! Bob's understanding of technical issues as well as his depth of understanding of curriculum and assessment were of great benefit to me and my teachers as we embraced this change. The impact Bob had on our successful transition to standards-based reporting and report cards is difficult to measure! We look forward to receiving his ongoing support as we continue to improve our practice."

Kathy Dinger
Assistant Superintendent, District 70 Libertyville Elementary School District, Illinois

What a privilege it has been to work with Bob Cornacchioli. His report was helpful to our administrative team in qualifying and quantifying the needs and strengths of our technology program. Bob's experience and knowledge were key to defining what we needed to know to inform our work in making important financial and strategic decisions regarding the current state of our system and future direction of the district. Bob's work for us in our personnel search for just the right person to lead our technology department was crucial to our team. We could not have carried out our extensive search if it were not for his expertise in the area of information technology for public schools.

Barbara Conti
Director of Human Resources
North Middlesex Regional School District



I highly recommend Bob Cornacchioli's work and mentorship. With his strong knowledge-base, he was able to transform our standards-based assessment dreams into a fully functioning reality. His expertise and mentorship in this area is beyond compare.”

Karen Spencer-Assistant Principal
Suzuki Charter School Edmonton, Alberta

Bob was the best trainer I have ever had the opportunity to interact with. He treated us in a very professional and kind manner. He never made us feel inadequate. He is a master teacher, differentiating his instruction to meet the specific needs of our adult learners. His interpersonal skills were outstanding. After our training session, Bob was immediately available for follow-up questions. There was never any lag-time from when I would call or email a question. He responded immediately, in a thorough and explicit manner.

Curtis Bates- Superintendent/Principal
Blanchard Memorial School- Boxborough, Massachusetts

Boxborough Public
School District


Bob Cornacchioli was hired as a consultant by Danvers to develop a standards based elementary report card. His work was thorough and complete. Bob was able to work on the minutest of details with our technology department, as well as provide easy to understand overviews to our teaching staff. Bob is the ultimate professional. We would not have been able to complete our project without his expertise and good humor!

Susan Ambrozavitch - Assistant Superintendent,
Danvers Public - Danvers, Massachusetts

Bob is the best there is when it comes to Standards in PowerSchool - from implementing them in the system to designing report cards for them. I refer districts to him often because of his expertise. He's also great to work with - he replies quickly to emails, and has a great attitude and personality.

Matt Freund- CEO
Sisresources.com - Kansas



I had never met Bob, we learned of his skill set from others. He worked remotely to import our standards and create our report cards. He has a great sense of humor, which puts you at ease when your anxiety level is heightened learning a new technology skill. We finally met at PSUG-NE where I thanked him for his training. Even now after his initial work with us three years ago, his continual support and advice makes me feel that Bob is an integral part of our "staff"

Deb Gormely - PowerSchool Administrator
Carteret Schools - Carteret, NJ

Bob and his team have supported Rochester's use of PowerSchool for the past four years. His expertise and guidance has helped us develop and implement PowerSchool scheduling and standards-based report cards easily and efficently. Bob's always been but an e-mail or phone call away; he's been a fantastic mentor for our tech and secretarial teams.

Jay Ryan
Rochester Memorial School, Rochester, MA



Bob is one of the main reasons that PowerSchool is up and running at DC Bilingual. Along with our great staff, Bob worked tirelessly to work out glitches or special requests including specific
issues with Spanish translation. We truly have appreciated his expertise and professionalism.

Wanda Perez-Principal
DC Bilingual Public Charter School - District of Columbia

It has been very easy to work with Bob and have him understand our needs for report card design and content. Bob certainly is knowledgeable in how reports are made and has made our process of switching to new report cards very smooth. He has always made himself available for our questions, even with a 13 hour time difference between us.

Angela Marquis
- Elementary ICT Coordinator
Seoul Foreign School, Seoul, Korea


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I found Bob to be extremely knowledgeable about PowerSchool and standards based report cards. He was able to clearly explain the concepts that I needed to understand in a friendly, patient way.

To help keep our costs down, Bob was able help me remotely from his office. He would connect directly to my workstation via the internet and show me exactly how a process was done. A very effective teaching method. We were fortunate to have Bob “teach us to fish” rather than simply providing a solution without any understanding.

David Walker-Student Information Specialist
Ararat Charter School-Van Nuys, CA