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The following are the services that I have provided to numerous districts since 2006. I will always consider myself a teacher and prefer to use "the train the trainer model" rather than complete the work independently. Also as of April 2020, I've decided to reduce the number of conferences each year. I think in these economic times, it's vital to build capacity in your district. I'm very much still available to assist you and your district.

logoElementary Scheduling in PowerSchool with Excel
logoCreating and Implementing Standards within PowerSchool
logoCreating Standard-Based Report Cards in PowerSchool - ParkBench's Visual PST
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Thanks for visiting the site. The resources on my site are the intellectual properties of myself and DERO Technical Services and are viable to my continued success. School districts will always be able to download any of the resources from Derotechnical.com and use them for their staff. Companies wishing to use them must contact me first to ensure their use doesn't do irreparable harm to my business.Please feel free to contact me with any questions or interest in free service quotes. If you are looking for remote presenters (at this time) or remote trainers for your district my schedule is open, I'd be happy to assist in exchange for the coverage of my expenses.

Bob Cornacchioli, CEO
DERO Technical Services